About Us

We were tired of the typical pub walk – a drive to some distant pub for a circular walk ending in just the one drink before driving back home. So, we decided to abandon the car and explore the countryside, the history, and the pubs, around us. After several months of careful research, conscientiously sampling the beer in many great pubs, and walking different routes between them, we came up with these ‘calorie and carbon neutral’ pub walks. We use local buses to get to and from different start and finish points, and we have the opportunity for a good beer or two (or three), burning off the calories and the alcohol en-route. Thanks to the internet we were able to gen up on the many points of historical interest that we encountered on the routes. We hope to keep adding new routes, and new pubs, as our research continues……..

Opposite, from left to right: Rob Leam, Pete Hayden, Geoff Gration